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Best Question Ever!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

I enjoy reading life quotes that are comments on experiences or observations from gurus, scholars and celebrities. It sometimes inspires painting ideas for me. I look up Pinterest groups that are specifically quotes and recently I came across a question within all the quotes. It could be easily mistaken for a quote because there was something profound about it. "When was the last time you remember doing something for the first time?"

It is one of those questions that forces you to reflect on your thoughts, like a quote would. I think it deserves a more thoughtful answer then something like "I tried a new flavour of chips for the first time". I took this question seriously hoping to discover the whole purpose of such a profound question.

Answer The Question

A list started building in my mind of significant first time moments. This resulted in a wonderful feeling of accomplishment or happiness from those memories. I found myself smiling ear to ear. I recalled the nervous but powerful feeling of driving a car for the first time. The butterflies and thrill of my first real kiss. One memory that feels so long ago was the joy of being recognized as an Artist in my first art show.

There is something about "the first time" of doing something. It is the moment that can define or set the bar for that experience moving forward in life. If could have been a good or bad first time. Nevertheless, it was lived and from that you learn and decide whether to continue having it in your life. This train of thought revealed more then just remind me of the past, it made me think about future first time experiences.

What Would Lucy Say?

A quote that did inspire a painting was from a celebrity, Lucille Ball, an extraordinary woman in my eyes. Lucy was very animated on camera but serious when she shared interesting life experiences in interviews and written articles. I had no trouble picturing her in a painting when she was quoted saying , "I'd rather regret the things I've done then the things I haven't done." This suggestion of no regrets had me thinking of all the "first time" moments I would like to do. The purpose of this post "Best question ever!" is to get people thinking about the last time they took a risk. Step out of their comfort zone and try something new so to speak.

Why make yourself uncomfortable?

The reason is to keep growing as a person. Accomplish something for the first time and allow yourself to feel pride. That is a feeling you can not produce without accomplishing something and it feels good. It doesn't have to be a big thing but it should be more then trying a new flavour of chips. ;)

Top Image - ”Try Something New!” Digital Art by Fatima Learn

Second Image - ”What Would Lucy Say?". Mixed Media by Fatima Learn


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