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Artful Lifestyle

Live the Artful Lifestyle In A Digital Age

I started displaying my paintings and volunteering in the arts community in 2013. Gallery settings are an important element in our society where you can meet people, exchange ideas and build the community. The arrival of the COVID pandemic introduced many Artists and galleries to the art industry online. Today, it's essential for any artist to have a gallery space online. Now is the time to embrace the digital marketing age and make an effort to leverage the power of the internet in favour of the things that are important to you. Artists that are making an income have a few things in common. They have a website and from there maybe started a blog and joined a few affiliate programs to create a passive income. Amazon Affiliates is an excellent choice because it gives you thousands of options for different products to promote.


What does it mean to have an artful lifestyle? For me it means permitting myself to pursue the dreams I have. Being successful in life is about being true to who you are and finding the purpose in what you do. Do not sweat about the small stuff. It's not worth it. Focus everyday on your health and happiness.

If you love acrylic paintings, but you can't afford the original canvas, take a look at all the other ways you can enjoy art from RedBubble. You can get my acrylic paintings printed on a t-shirt, comforter, or items that are great gift ideas.


Art related tips, tricks and inspirations are always worth reading and showing.

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