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Showing Your Art

I like to believe that artists have at least one common goal for displaying their painting: either to display their feelings through art/evoke a feeling from the viewer or to simply display their talent. Which ever it may be, there is some sort of emotional connection being made to their work. When Artists display their work they are exposing their feelings and what they think of their subject matter. The viewer’s reactions or opinions is what I think the artist is really looking for. Sometimes those reactions are not in favour of the artist but that is okay, as long as the artist understands their inspiration they should not have to make excuses about what they have made.

Posting And An Emotional Connection

The whole business of posting your artwork seems to be becoming the new age gallery for Artists. I love the idea of reaching a larger audience but sadly I don’t get the personal feedback I would normally get at a brick and mortar gallery. Usually it is a thumbs up or a heart and a “beautiful” or “great work” comment. I am guilty of doing that myself to others but I try to take time and point out something about the art. Sometimes posting the artwork is not satisfying enough for the artist because of this absence of stimulating feedback. When an artist makes an emotional connection to their creation they often put more effort into it because it becomes personal. The same goes for the viewer— maybe if they are viewing it in person rather than swiping past it online. I discovered the same sentiment goes for other artistic platforms. For example, the mystery of a powerful song that can bring people to tears.

The Art Of Singing

In a conversation I had with a professional vocalist from Portugal, she expressed her choice to sing mostly in her native language and not in English. I asked her why she wouldn’t sing in English— as she would probably open her possibilities to more success in the market. She responded that her lack of properly understanding the English language makes it difficult for her to feel the emotion in the lyrics of the song. She feels more emotionally connected to the lyrics and can deliver the emotion of the song better when it is her native language. Then she asked me how do you know when you are listening to a song, that the singer means it? We just know because we can hear the emotion coming from the singer in the voice. If the singer does not understand or has not experienced the message in the song, they risk being discovered as unauthentic. Successful singers demonstrate a natural talent. It is more then just singing the words. The same thing goes for painters in the sense that everyone can learn to paint but not everyone has a natural talent which connects with the viewer. The artist has that emotional connection with their craft will be most successful.

Finding Success In Your Craft

Conversations with artists of all forms only reminds me that everyone relates to emotions. It doesn’t matter what your craft in life is but when you have that connection with your work it turns out so much better then most things. It seems to me that people always find time to work on the skills that helps them improve on what they are passionate about. Having that emotional connection and passion is the key to good craftsmanship and most likely successful work.

Top Image -Fatima Learn Art Display - Southfield Village Branch Library, Caledon.

Second Image -“The Singer”, by Fatima Learn. Acrylic Painting Paper with a linen finish.


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