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Redbubble Vs. Art Shows

Promote and sell your art online. This is what organizations like RedBubble do. The best thing is that it promotes your artwork, handles the sale transactions, transfers your image on the product and ships it. Your art is only on the products you choose to have it on. You have a personal shopping page where you can download your images. There is no charge to open a shop but they do take a percentage of your sale. It is great if you are an Artist that would rather create than spend time selling. I set up a shopping page awhile ago but I haven’t really been keeping it up. This feature picture "Retro 80's Mix Tape" is a recent digital art piece I added to my shop (links below).

Why Not Sell Your Artwork In More Ways Than One?

RedBubble belongs to a whole other culture of promoting and selling artwork which I have learned to appreciate. It started when I was getting deliveries from RedBubble of purchases my daughter was making. It was everything from phone cases to t-shirts. These were not ordinary looking items either. My daughter explained that they are unique pieces of printed original artwork. The quality of the phone case is exceptional after witnessing her drop it a few times. Also, the t-shirts continue to stand the test of time after all the washes. She went on to show me the site and explain that these were all artists selling their artwork printed on products. “You should be doing this Mom.”

I have participated in art shows with other artists for years and plan to continue. Collaborating with other artists has always been a fun learning experience but I am timid when it comes to selling my own art at these events. I have been told that this feeling comes from what is called "Imposter Syndrome" - a whole other topic for another post. Nevertheless, I do participate when I can and make friends along the way but I mostly enjoy the discussions. What should be in a show has always been a hot topic and I always and still do believe that art shows should only cater to original art.

Why Should Only Original Artwork Be In Art Shows?

There are less costly methods of creating and delivering printed art then setting up at an art gallery. Setting up artwork that is not the original at a gallery does not make sense to me. The original art is the masterpiece which explains the price difference of copies and it should be “revered” in person. An actual art show at a gallery is the proper venue for original artwork. You see the material, the actual paint that the artist put down and you see all the details as the artist would have while they were painting it. Every artist has a different way to promote and sell their art but I believe online selling is perfect for replicas and not original artwork.


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